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Is Your Boss A... Succuboss/Incuboss?

So you either scrunched up your face at my perceived misspelling of succubus/incubus or, you giggled a little. Yes, it may be cheesy but, a little cheese pairs well with wine. Now, if your boss just sucks the energy/joy out of a meeting, out of your colleagues, out of you, that person is a succuboss/incuboss. The Britannica defines incubus as follows, "The word incubus is derived from the Latin incubus (“nightmare”) and incubare (“to lie upon, weigh upon, brood”). In modern psychological usage, the term has been applied to the type of nightmare that gives one the feeling of a heavy weight or oppression on the chest and stomach." It's like they met all the bad bosses and created the definition.

Movies, books, Netflix series, there is a wealth of information about horrible bosses. Are there as many safe places where you can talk about them? Yes! Who knew? Nevertheless, this is where you are meant to be. I mean, you could keep sneaking off to the bathroom during work to angry cry silently (somewhat) and hope that nobody comes in to actually ...shit. Don't you envy the people who use the bathroom for stuff besides crying? Step out of that stall, find some place comfy, like your car, your bedroom, your she shed. If you have little ones at home... maybe we're back in a bathroom, but at least your dealing with your own farts.

So, are you ready to begin? Okay good. Some suggestions, consider not giving your bosses full name, DOB, distinguishing marks, and shoe size. Remember we want to unburden ourselves of those heavy, draining, thoughts and emotions elicited by the Succuboss/Incuboss. What we don't want, is to give away too much and invite added stress into our lives.

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