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You're probably wondering about the name... so, let's get to it.

You May Cry (YMC) is a reminder that sometimes, life is stressful, annoying, painful, confusing, beautiful, worthwhile... it can be a lot. There are times when you just need a safe space to process, vent, distract, laugh, or even cry. So yes, You May Cry.


You May Cry (YMC) was created...

By Social Workers for Social Workers and trust that we have made room for everyone else too. We designed this website as a one-stop-shop for connecting people, regardless of your profession, education, and or experience. If nothing else, COVID-19 opened the door to a world of creativity, opportunities, and virtual services that can meet the needs of almost anyone, anywhere. 


We are committed to...

Maintaining a space that values authenticity and happiness. You decide whether those moments come to you by way of shared experiences, discovering a new favorite fragrance from Forty Four Wicks, or treating yourself to a funny mug & cute t-shirt.

Our Goal is to Support You...

In addition to the YMC store & membership area, the following services are offered based on availability:

Life Balance Begins Counseling LLC

  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Department of Transportation (DOT) assessments

  • Impaired Driving Screening

  • Impaired Driving Assessments 

  • Wellness Sessions (NY Residents only)

To book an appointment and or to determine whether we can meet your return to duty needs, e-mail

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